What is unique about studying abroad in Hungary?

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For being admitted to most of our
partner universities, the students
can prove their language
proficiency by oral and/or written
examinations and they will not need IELTS/TOEFL and other certifications.

Its great location in the Europe
has made it a great destination for
students on a tight budget. Living
student life expenses for a month
can be as low as approximately
400 Euros including rent.

Unlike many other European
destinations with complicated and
long process, eBiz Study Group
ensures your experience to be as
quick as possible with professional guidance throughout the journey.

Foundation programs

Foundation program is a one-year preparation course which aims to prepare international students in need of additional language and academic preparation for entering university undergraduate courses.

International students who are interested in studying at Hungarian higher education institutions can enroll in the following foundation courses to develop their language and academic preparation prior to attending the university entrance examination.

  • German Foundation Course
  • English Foundation Course
  • Pre-Medical Course
Undergraduate programs

Undergraduate education is conducted after secondary education, usually high school and prior to postgraduate education. In Hungary the Bachelor’s degrees take 68 semesters  to complete depending on the field of study.

There are over 500 programs taught in English, French, German as well as other languages. These programmes are offered with high standards at affordable tuition fees compared to such programs in other European destinations.

Medical, Management, Engineering and IT studies are among the most favored programs offered in Hungary and high number of international applicants compete for the enrolment in these courses. 

Graduate programs

Graduate education includes study, research and teaching after the bachelor’s degree. While undergraduate programs usually lead to a bachelor’s degree, graduate programs leads to master’s degree such as MA, MSc, MBA and doctoral degree.

In Hungary, There are over 25 state funded, more than 10 privately-funded and 26 church-funded institutions to study at. As a result of such diversity, international students can always find what interests them the most.


medical programs

One tier degree programs: Although the degree structure is generally divided in most of the offered programs, there are integrated (one-tier) programmes at which the Bachelor and the Master level are integrated. T

  • Veterinary medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Medicine

These integrated programmes consist of 5-6 years (10-12 semesters) and 300 to 360 credits to complete.

eBiz Study Group offers university admission in collaboration with our partner universities located in Budapest and other Hungarian provinces. You can find more about our services in the “SERVICES” tab in the main menu.