About Our Company

At eBiz Group we always try to share practical and up-to-date information while offering problem solving and creative services to our clients. The business is actively assisting clients to ensure their objectives are achieved.

eBiz Group is formed of three units offering Study AbroadTourism, and Online Solutions services.


eBiz Study Group” is a student recruitment company providing students and their families with up to date information about study programs available worldwide. It includes information about the destinations, universities, programs, admissions, accommodations and student Visas.

We represent different higher education institutes globally as well as a number of leading language centers in AustriaHungarySpainTurkeyCanadaMalaysia as well as other European countries.

Our network also stretches to training and internships which can assist students to gain practical experiences in different fields. The opportunities are open to both students and graduates, preferably those who have knowledge in more than one language.

In addition, our experts can help job-seekers in their job hunting journey in Europe, North America, and Australia.


eBiz Leisure Group” is a network of tours, travel, and event organizers who believe that the world can be changed through travel. We believe that our share toward forming a dream world could be providing the opportunities for everyone to experience different cultures and holiday destinations.

At the moment our focus is on Southeast AsiaHungary, and Turkey however, our partners are actively present all over Europe, and Asia.
When you plan and travel with us, you are our friend and we try our best to ensure you are having an exceptional experience.